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Churchyard Regulations

The Parish Church of St. Margaret of Antioch, Iver Heath

A Guide to our Churchyard Regulations Relating to Plots for the Interment of Ashes and associated Memorials


St. Margaret’s Iver Heath Parochial Church Council 2022

A Downloadable copy is available here


St. Margaret’s Churchyard is no longer open for new graves, but we can offer limited space for the interment of cremated remains. This space is available to residents of Iver Heath and their families, regardless of their church affiliations.

All plots for the Interment of Ashes remain the property of the Church. Parishioners using the plots have no ownership rights.


This guide is a summary of the regulations adopted by the Parochial Church Council (P.C.C.) in 2022. The regulations are intended to comply with the law of the Church of England and to maintain and enhance the appearance of the Churchyard. We hope that the guidance contained in this leaflet is clear. The P.C.C. reserves the right to take action on the Church’s property to remove items which contravene these regulations. To avoid upset to grieving relatives, we strongly advise that these guidelines are followed. If you need guidance as to a proposal, the Rector will be happy to help you.


Applying for an Interment and a Memorial Tablet

The Rector has authority delegated by the Chancellor of Oxford Diocese to approve or reject proposed interments or memorials.

If your loved one lived in Iver Heath or had a long-standing connection he/she may be interred at St. Margaret’s.

After an interment, a marker is put on the plot with the deceased’s name, pending the laying of a memorial tablet. The Rector will approve applications for memorial tablets which follow the following rules:


No tablet may be laid which:


  • Is made of marble or black or red granite
  • Is made of polished stone
  • Is made of painted or synthetic stone
  • Incorporates an image or statue
  • Is more than 12x12 inches (30.4x30.4 cm).
  • Has an inscription which us not simple or reverent, or is not in accordance with the Church’s teaching


    If an application to lay a memorial tablet which falls outside these guidelines is refused, you have a right to appeal to the Chancellor of Oxford Diocese for a Faculty (planning permission). The Rector will explain how you can do this.


    No memorial tablet may be laid until the particulars of the material used, a drawing of the design, size, and exact wording of the inscription have been submitted to the Rector and approved by him in writing. (A good stone mason will be able to help you with this.)


    Maintaining the Burial Plot

    Relatives and parishioners are encouraged to visit the churchyard at any time and may leave arrangements of cut flowers in memory of loved ones. We ask that flowers are removed promptly when they begin to fade. The P.C.C. wishes to maintain the churchyard  as a place of natural beauty and a space for quiet reflection. We ask then that flowers are removed promptly when they begin to fade.

    The use of artificial flowers is not permitted (with the exception of Remembrance Day wreaths and  poppies; Christmas wreaths and silk flowers (which will be removed after one month.). Silk flowers should be removed when they suffer fading and deterioration from the elements.


    Plants and Decorations

    Under no circumstances should any plant, shrub etc. be planted in the vicinity of a plot. Kerbing, railings, chippings, chains, fencing lights and any other decorations are not permissible.

    We ask you to observe these regulations for the sake of all churchyard users.

  • The PCC reserves the right to remove any non-permissible items from plots.


Summary – Memorial Tablets

Maximum size- 12”x12”x2” (depth)

Permitted                                       Not permitted

Slate, limestone,                            Marble


 Non-reflective stone                  Polished/Painted stone

 Seated flower holder                  Statues, images, vases, any other items

 Flat stone                                          Desk-top Tablets

 Flush to the ground                     Stones above ground


 For More Information-

Rector-   01753 653334