Hire charges, Terms and Conditions  etc.  


with effect from October 2019


Regular hirers


Regular hirers

at weekend only

Occasional hirers 

Main Hall

£13 per hour

£15 per hour


£25 per hour before 6.00pm

£30 per hour after 6.0pm

Community Room

£10 per hour

£11 per hour

£15 per hour

Church Room

£10 per hour

£11 per hour

£15 per hour



£5 per booking

£5 per booking

Sound system


£10 per booking

£10 per booking

(Minimum charge per booking: £10)

Please note that a deposit against damage is required for occasional bookings (parties etc.)

Booking Secretary: Mrs Claire Mowat  07707 202701 .


To see a copy of our Terms and Conditions,  Environmental Policy  &  Fire Safety arrangements etc,

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Equality and Diversity  (Mar 2018,  68 KB)

Health and safety policy for Iver Heath Village Hall (Nov 2016, 167 KB)


Standard Terms and C onditions for the regular hire of


Registered Charity No 300285





07707 202701






Date and times of hire -








Person responsible for hire







Type of event and Approx number of people attending


Facilities required

Main hall

Community Room

Church room (1 st Floor)









Will alcohol be consumed? .


Booking . All applications for the hire of the building must be sent to the Booking Secretary. The person named on the booking form shall be considered the Hirer and subject to the Standard Terms and Conditions of the hall. Where an organisation is named, the person signing hereby confirms that they do so with full authority of the organisation. The Hirer must be over 18 years of age. Where there is any doubt as to the age of the person requesting a Period of Hire then a parent or guardian shall be asked to sign the Hiring Agreement and thereby accept responsibility for the hire.

Capacities . The maximum number of persons allowed in the building at any one time is 200.

Hire charges


Regular Booking


Regular booking


Main Hall

£13 per hour

£15 per hour

Smaller Rooms

£10 per hour

£11 per hour

Use of Stage

£5 per booking

£5 per booking


Minimum charge per booking £10

Payment by:-   cheque payable to Iver Heath Village Hall, 36 Thornbridge Rd, Iver Heath, SL0 0QE

or BACS transfer Iver Heath Village Hall 09-01-51 Acc. No. 92535501
Please add your group name as a reference.






As from 1st September 2013

•  Hire period is from time of entry until departure with hall tidy (it must include setting up and clearing up time)
•  Includes electricity and heating
•  Regular hirers will be invoiced monthly in arrears and all bills must be paid within 21 days of the date of the invoice.
•  Evening hirers may be charged £100 per hour or part thereof if their booking goes over the agreed hire time.


After the event the hirer must ensure the following:

All kitchen surfaces are clean and kitchen floor is swept

Ovens & fridges are empty and clean

Ovens and hobs, water heater and water boiler are turned off

All crockery and glasses are returned to cupboards

Toilets are left clean and tidy

All bins are emptied (the village hall bin is at the end of the car park) and rubbish removed from site

All heating is turned off.

All windows and doors are closed


Iver Heath Village Hall Hire Agreement

Standard Terms and Conditions of Hire

Hire Agreements of Iver Heath Village Hall Trust (" the Village Hall ") are subject to these Standard Terms and Conditions of Hire

1 Undertaking of the Hirer

The Hirer undertakes to ensure he has an understanding of the Hall Conditions and Policies published on the website for the time being in force .


2 Supervision by the Hirer

The Hirer undertakes to be present, or arrange for sufficient competent representatives to be present,

throughout the hiring to ensure the provisions and stipulations contained, or referred to, in the Hall Conditions and any applicable licences are complied with.


3 Responsibility of the Hirer

The Hirer shall be responsible during the period of hire for:-

•  carrying our appropriate risk assessments
•  the number of people using the hall does not exceed the maximum number agreed
•  supervision of premises, fabric and contents, their care and safety from any damage or change of any sort.


•  ensuring that the purpose and conduct of the hire does not disrupt the use of any other room hired by others.

•  ensuring that everything is left clean and tidy with rubbish removed at the end of the hire . A bin, which is emptied weekly, is provided for rubbish and marked IHVH. The Committee cannot guarantee that there will be room for all of the rubbish generated. Any remaining rubbish must be taken away and not left beside the bin.
•  ensuring that all equipment, chairs and tables have been correctly returned to storage positions, the
premises are cleared of people, and all lights switched off. The building must be secured and alarmed by use of the keys if supplied, unless any facilities or room or public area is still in use by another hirer.
•  the behaviour of all persons using the premises, whatever their capacity, including proper supervision of car parking arrangements, so as to avoid obstruction of the highway or access road
•  ensuring no excessive noise occurs, particularly late at night or early morning, with a minimum of noise being made by any person on arrival or departure
•  ensuring that no animals (including birds), except guide dogs are brought into the building, without
the written permission of the Village Hall on the occasion of a special event or hire agreed to by the Village Hall
•  ensuring that NO animals whatsoever enter the kitchen at any time
•  ensuring that any electrical appliances brought onto the premises and used there shall be certified safe and in good working order, and used in a safe manner, using residual current circuit breakers where appropriate
•  ensuring that no LPG appliances or highly flammable substances, fireworks or candles are brought onto the premises or grounds


4 Use of Premises

The Hirer shall not :-

•  sub- hire or use the premises for any purpose other than that described in the hiring agreement
•  use the premises or allow the premises to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way
•  do anything or bring onto the premises anything which may endanger the premises or render invalid

any insurance policies in respect thereof

•  allow the use of drugs on the premises or allow smoking in the building

The hire of the building is for the specific agreed times shown on the booking form and does not entitle the Hirer to use or enter the premises at any other time

All music must cease at 11.00 pm, and the Hall must be vacated by 11.30pm .

The entrance hall should be kept clear at all times.

Bouncy Castles & Trampolines

•  The Hirer shall obtain prior permission from the booking secretary before arranging for a bouncy castle or trampoline. The equipment must be hired from a supplier who holds their own insurance to cover the condition of the equipment.
•  A bouncy castle must be supervised by a responsible employee/volunteer at all times when in use.

Fire procedures

The Hirer must nominate a competent person to take charge in case of Fire, to ensure that all persons at the Hall can escape unimpeded through the Fire Exits and to assemble in the car park. Improper operation of the Fire Alarm or extinguishers will result in the loss of the deposit or a charge for recompense. Fire Doors MUST remain unobstructed at all times. Please refer to fire procedures displayed in the hall.

The stage

•  The stage must only be used if it has been hired and in accordance with due regard to safety procedures
•  If the stage has not been hired then Hirers are responsible for ensuring that persons do not go on the stage
•  The spotlights and lights on the stage are the property of the drama club and are not included in the hire agreement. Any hirer wishing to use them must seek the authority of the drama club.

5. Authority required by the Premises Licence to supply alcohol or to provide public entertainment

Under no circumstances may alcohol be sold on the premises without the specific written authority of the Village Hall under the Premises Licence. The Village Hall will require that the Hirer shall be responsible for obtaining a Temporary Event Licence, but no Hirer may seek such a licence without the consent of the Village Hall.


6. Compliance with The Children Act of I989

The Hirer shall ensure that any activities for children comply with the provisions of The Children Act of I989 and that only fit and proper persons have access to the children.


7. Compliance with other relevant legislation

The Hirer shall ensure that the users:

•  do not contravene the law relating to gaming, betting, and lotteries,
•  do not infringe any copyright or performing rights.
•  comply with all conditions and regulations required by the Premises Licensing Act , particularly in

connection with events which include public dancing or music, or stage plays, or films, or similar

entertainment taking place at the premises. A breach of this may lead to prosecution by SBDC.


8. Indemnity

The Hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified each member of the Village Hall Management

Committee and the Village Hall's employees, volunteers, agents and invitees against: -

(a) the cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the premises including the curtilage thereof or the

contents of the premises, and

(b) against all actions, claims, and costs of proceedings arising from any breach of the Hall Conditions

(c) all claims in respect of damages, including damage for loss of property or injury to persons, arising as a

result of the use of the premises (including the storage of equipment) by the Hirer a s directed by the Village Hall, the Hirer shall make good or pay for all damage (including accidental damage) to the premises or to the fixtures, fittings or contents and for loss of contents.


9. Insurance

The Village Hall is insured against any claims arising out of its own negligence and its public liability cover

extends to cover non profit making, i.e. non-commercial, hirers.


10. Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences

The Hirer must report all accidents involving injury to the public to an authorised representative of the Village Hall as soon as possible, and complete the relevant section in the Village Hall's Accident Book. Any failure of, or damage to, equipment, fixtures and fittings belonging to the Village Hall must be reported as soon as possible.


11. Stored equipment

The Village Hall accepts no responsibility for any stored equipment or other property brought onto or left at the premises and all liability for loss or damage is hereby excluded. All equipment and other property, other than that stored on the premises by agreement, must be removed at the end of each hiring or storage period. The Village Hall may dispose of any such items 7 days thereafter at its discretion, by sale or otherwise on such terms and conditions as it thinks fit, and charge the Hirer daily storage fees and costs incurred in storing and selling or otherwise disposing of the same.


12. No alterations

No alterations or additions may be made to the premises nor may any fixtures be installed (or placards,

decorations, or other articles) be attached in any way to any part of the premises without the prior written

approval of the Village Hall. Any alteration, fixture or fitting, or attachment, so approved shall, at the discretion of the Village Hall remain in the premises at the end of the hiring and become the property of the Village Hall or, be removed by the Hirer. The Hirer must make good to the satisfaction of the Village Hall any damage caused to the premises by such removal.


13. Cancellation by the Hirer

If the Hirer fails to cancel the at least 24 hours before the booking they will still be charged.


14. Cancellation by the Village Hall

The Village Hall reserves the right to cancel or amend a hiring i n the event of the Premises being required for a special hiring, or use as a Polling Station.

The Village Hall may also cancel a hiring if they reasonably consider that:

•  such hiring may lead to a breach of the licensing conditions, or other legal or statutory requirements
•  unlawful or unsuitable activities may take place at the premises as a result of the hiring, or
•  the premises have become unfit for the use intended by the Hirer
•  the hirer is in breach of the terms and conditions


In any such case the Hirer shall be entitled to a refund of any deposit or hire fees already paid, but the Village Hall shall not be liable for any resulting direct or indirect loss or damages whatsoever.

Reviewed January 2020

Terms and Conditions for regular hirers. (March 2020, 64KB

Terms and Conditions occasional hirers (Mar 2018, 82 KB)

Environmental Policy for Iver Heath Village Hall (Nov 2016, 23.8KB)

Financial Policy for Iver Heath Village Hall (Nov 2016, 167 KB)

Fire Emergency Floor Plan   (66 KB)


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